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Websites for doctors: the new way to keep track of our health

Nowadays, one does not go directly to a doctor’s office without first consulting the website of his or her practice. A website for doctors should therefore be professional, modern, reliable and friendly to ensure the best first contact

Why create a website for a medical practice?

Even today, not all physicians have their own website. There are many reasons for this: fear of allegedly high costs or excessive effort, as well as legal concerns are the main reasons why many doctors decide not to create a website for their medical practice. In principle, legal requirements-for example, compliance with the law on drug or health technology advertising-are not that difficult for physicians to comply with on a website. The cost and effort required to set up and manage the site for a medical practice are also addressable. 

Fewer tasks

A website for physicians can lighten the workload of the entire practice. Basic information such as office hours, house calls, or what to do during emergencies can be presented. If such information is clearly visible on the practice website, physician assistants will have less work to do, as potential patients can easily find the information on their own instead of having to make phone calls.

Making appointments more easily

Nowadays, it is possible to make an appointment online without too much effort. This can be done, for example, through external services or a simple system integrated directly on the practice’s website that allows electronic scheduling of appointments. Such a solution is not only convenient for patients, but also lightens the workload of the front desk, which would otherwise be busy coordinating appointments for most of the workday.

All that is needed

This option does not require a developer or extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript. A simple website for physicians can be easily created with an appropriate provider using a modular principle. The physician can choose the design of the website by choosing from available layouts, adapt the pages, and insert his or her own content. A high degree of customization is not expected, but usually for a physician’s office website it is not so necessary.

Adequate performance

Most offers also include hosting, domain registration and the creation of a professional e-mail address. Always good to choose for websites for doctors fastest wordpress hosting to ensure adequate performance.  They also have search engine optimization and other tools to increase website notoriety, features that are already built-in or optional.

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